OPEN STUDIO + Public Lecture

Galleria Kuvitus and the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Residency Supported by The Artist Incubator Program run by Association Racines, December 2018 

The residency was scheduled as follows: 

  1. Experimenting Helsinki: I visited it for the first time and I had 3 days of exploration before getting the insight from the locals.
  2. Interviewing the locals: During the open studio, Inhabitants dropped-in and told me their Helsinki during 30-45min. It allowed me to know more about the city and haw it is practised by its owners. I made a map of each one's Helsinki after the interviews. 
  3. Drawing my Helsinki: I had very little time compared to when I plan a project in a city. That explains the state of maturity of my final city map. It still has the shape of the original map and it mainly represents the visible aspects of the city. A little more time and research would have made it more abstract and richer in content and information. 
  4. Presenting the output: As a ritual, I like giving back what I got from the locals sharing their views and knowledge about their city. This exhange can be an artwork in thepublic space or, in this case, a public presentation where I shared my background, the process and the result. 

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