Ces cités

4x20m Map printed on blue back paper, Artiste in cité Residency program, Marseille 2018

The northern neighbourhoods of Marseille have a broad reputation for violence, drugs, immigration, and unemployment. They are geographically isolated and far from the city centre, which makes it even more challenging to relate to them in any way. "Ces cités" is the result of a three weeks residency in the neighbourhood, sharing the same area with tens of people living there, and getting their perception of the place they belong to. The map pictures the way to "Les quartiers Nord" through a portion of the history of immigration and urbanism. The journey starts in North Africa in the fifties, it takes us momentarily to the Port of Marseille and brings us in what was the bourgeois/green area of the city, through tales of belonging, love, hatred, and fear. 



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