I am Aïcha! A Moroccan Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Creative Director.


Being an Architect and working within the Architectural and Cultural Heritage field helped me understand how cities are thought, wanted, and managed from a governance point of view. Living -as an adult- in different parts of the world made me change my perspective on how public spaces are owned, practiced and used. This dual experience of urbanity triggered a strong need in me to deeply explore notions of belonging, citizenship, freedom, and the right to the city.

I firstly used graphic design and photography to express what became visible in my surroundings thanks to my references and new gaze. Then, illustration imposed itself as a strong universal language anyone can relate to, regardless of their origins, experiences, or culture. It allows me to highlight the invisible in a surrealistic and accessible way through my artistic practice.



I also take commissions and work on collaborative projects doing: Artistic Direction - Editorial Illustration - Graphic Design - Visual Identity - Book Design -  Branding

Just drop me an email here:  aicha@aichaelbeloui.com 

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